White House Supply Chain Report In the Works!

White House Supply Chain Report In the Works!

  • The Biden administration has asked for help to improve cargo velocity through ports, carriers, shippers, 3PLs, and other stakeholders with the White House Supply Chain Report. It was announced at the white house earlier this month.
  • According to a fact sheet, the Freight Logistics Optimization Works initiative that the US department of transportation leads has aimed towards producing a proof-of-concept freight data sharing initiative when summer ends. 
  • The limitation of the pilot is 15 companies and the San Pedro Bay and Georgia ports. However, the web page is expected to be live within a month of the launch. It will gauge the industry’s interest in participating in the program. 


Private companies mostly run supply chains and the government faces limits to their ability to improve cargo flow. However, the task force of supply chains by Biden brings the stakeholders together on conference calls every week to discuss the problems.

 US Port Envoy John D. Porcari leads the calls, said in a statement after another meeting with the stakeholders of the supply chain,

 “I’m very pleased with the industry’s willingness to partner, share data, and develop new information that will help the goods movement chain operate more efficiently,” 

He also said that he encourages the private sector to reach a consensus around data sharing needs. 

According to the fact sheet,

“It will test the idea that cooperation on foundational freight digital infrastructure is in the interest of both public and private parties.”

What should be improved?

One area that needs improvement is the lack of data sharing between the supply chain partners. The companies have improved their general visibility considering their operations in recent years. However, a lot of them are still hesitant to share their data with others.

To solve this issue, a national portal will be available for voluntary exchange to all the participants sharing the data. It will be built based on performance and neutral technology standards for exchanging and using data.

What are the goals?

The goal behind this is to ensure that the dates are returned on time and are consistent throughout the partners, measuring an accurate chassis availability. Moreover, understanding aggregate dwells time throughout the pilot.

The following are included in the pilot members, the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, the Georgia Ports Authority, carriers CMA CGM and MSC, and terminal operators Fenix Marine Terminal and Global Container Terminals. Furthermore, Albertsons, Gemini Shippers, Land O’ Lakes, Target, True Value, CH Robinson, DCLI, FlexiVan, FedEx, Prologis and UPS are also a part.

Executives Meet

The executives of the company met with Brian Deese who is the director of the National Economic Council and the US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. They discussed the new initiative for their progress in supply chain congestion. 

Codero said,

“Our customers and their customers are ready for a new era of data visibility that maximizes efficiency and minimizes delay in goods movement.” 


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