What Do Supply Chain Trainers Say About The Present – NESCON

What Do Supply Chain Trainers Say About The Present – NESCON

NESCON is a yearly one-day virtual summit for the supply chain industry, including instructional sessions from leading supply chain trainers, including economy, leadership, procurement strategies/tools, and operation/logistics tools. The conference for this year will be placed on October 3, 2022. It has been happening every year since before 2008 and has proved to be beneficial for business owners globally.

Here is a list of some key benefits:

  • Don’t worry about your training budget because this conference is free!\
  • The keynote speakers are expert supply chain trainers
  • Learn about the most recent cutting-edge issues, trends, and technologies in the field of supply chain management (SCM)
  • Assist your company in transforming its supply chain into a proper value chain.
  • Transform your creative ideas into readily implementable and practical solutions for you and your company.
  • Take advantage of a quick return on your time and your organization’s money.
  • Earn 5.0 CEHs towards your certification or recertification.

Provocative keynotes and expert technical presentations on present economic situations and uncertainties that affect trade and job growth, new adaptive practices in business operations, technological projections and roadmaps for 2030, and expert insights into the future workforce and customer-driven organizational transformation are among the topics on the NESCON agenda.

Kenneth Glasser, the NESCON executive chairperson/producer, while talking about NESCON, said: 

“The supply chain community’s purpose for this summit is to inform regional producers and retailers on trends that will have a substantial influence on businesses. We will present the greatest ideas and techniques to senior decision-makers, as well as create a forum for them to learn about and address the urgent requirements of the dynamic supply chain network. Our thriving community has accepted these once-a-year summits, which bring together elite thinkers and doers, even if they are held online. The free and virtual nature of the summit has rendered it very approachable to all supply chain trainers.”


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