Types of Warehouse Storage Systems

Types of Warehouse Storage Systems

Static Shelving

Static shelves have storage mechanisms that are designed to stay in one place. They are meant to hold the inventory in one place. It is most commonly used for storing the inventory that requires replenishment. You can not use fork lifts therefore static shelving is used with the inventory that can be easily picked up and organized. For a large inventory, you can invest in a wide shelving system that can not only hold more weight but can be used in other configurations as well.

Pallet Racking

Through warehouse racking, you can maximize the use of space and help organize the products in the most efficient manner. The overall efficiency depends on various factors such as the facility’s layout, the aisles’ width, product demands and effective training to ensure the best use of established racking systems. Through this guide you can provide the warehouse operators with different strategies on using the infrastructure and space for boosting profits and the key variable operators that can improve the results.

Mobile Shelving

Just like static shelving, mobile shelving is an adjustable solution that can hold items that are manually picked up. The difference is that many of these systems are designed in a way that can hold a lot of items in less space. 

Through mobile shelving, the cabinets are placed on big carriages. This increases the productivity by making the inventory more easily accessible. Mobile shelving designs can include level tracks that would be mechanized. Some of these mobile shelving designs are equipped with locking systems that can control access to the inventory.

Partition through Wires

Although mezzanine flooring is considered one of the best high-tech options, there are also wire partitions that are at the other end of the line. Wire partitions are wire cages that are not only strategically placed but they can be quickly installed and torn down effectively.

Most often the inventory that is housed within the partition needs some kind of social security. Some warehouses use wire partitions so that they can construct makeshift offices for managers and higher officials.

Mezzanine Floor

If you have the budget, mezzanine flooring is the best and most efficient space saving storage option. Usually, the mezzanine floor is built above the main warehouse flooring.

Because of the intrusive nature of the building, it is considered the most significant and expensive option that a warehouse can choose. There is also increasing potential for customized features like lighting, conveyors and other lift systems.

Multi-Tier Racking

There is a wide range of warehouse storage systems that are available. As we advance into the future, the warehouse storage systems have become more lightweight, technologically advanced and most affordable.

Multi-tier racking is a system that is designed to capitalize on the vertical space. Because no warehouse is one size fits all, there are multi-tier racking options that are not only flexible, but they come with the ability to add or remove the tiers depending on all your current needs. Multi-tier racking has light weight items that are organized manually.

To get the most out of this particular warehouse system, you should organize each tier strategically and pack items as densely as possible. You can pay attention to weight limits and give access to ceiling to rack height compliance.

It is up to you to select the best warehouse storage system that can provide and guide you. The warehouse storage systems are not only light weight, technologically advanced but also affordable. Don’t be sold on a system that doesn’t fit your needs. Through a warehouse storage system, you can possess enough flexibility that can help your operation to flourish and grow.


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