Three Major Faults in Warehouse Storage System

Three Major Faults in Warehouse Storage System

Less Space

The use of space is a major contributing factor in warehousing. Having inadequate storage space and lack of available spaces are major problems of warehouses with poor facility layouts. When there is lack of space the goods will keep on accumulating inadequately. Precious time is lost in locating the products. Moreover, there is a loss of merchandise quality and the chances of increased work accidents are also there.  

To ensure the best use of the available space not only storage systems should be improved, but there should be a good layout of shelves and space, and picking routes. Moreover, as storage costs continue to increase, and the increasing demand for ecommerce grows exponentially, the dilemma of warehouse space takes center stage. Because of this good use of storage space remains a lot underutilized. When you focus on mapping out effective warehouse layout, you can solve the problems by utilizing maximum space. Using automation along with modern equipment will improve accessibility and lower labor costs throughout the warehouse. 

In an ideal environment, employees can pass through the warehouse without using any roadblocks. Here are the tips that can help optimize warehouse spaces which includes:

  • Using technology that organizes the layout of the warehouse like using a warehouse management system. There are different warehouse management software companies that offer 3D model where you provide various dimensions and measurements.
  • It is also important to automate the picking process with storage and retrieval systems.
  • Improving the warehouse and speed processes that can help save the floor space.
  • Complex categories of inventory have voice direct systems so that you can obtain the data and reduce the number of errors all the time improving the product delivery.

Inaccuracy of the inventory and damage control

There are a lot of problems related to inventory management:

Misplacing the products that are located in one area but are actually in another area. There is not enough stock that can fulfill an order which increases your lead time. When manufacturers don’t have full visibility to the inventory, they face problems of either running out of stock or decreasing the cash flow while at the same time expenses are increased. Conduct frequent visits to the warehouse and check out any signs of damage to vehicles and equipment. As a result, the inventory inaccuracy translates into lost sales and storage expenses.

Apart from this there can be ongoing damage problems. Just like with any warehouse, heavy equipment and inventory sustains any kind of damage. With warehouse management you must not always avoid mishaps but also avoid steps that can lead to damage. Here are the things you can do:

  • Install protective gear
  • Use bubble wrap to ship delicate and fragile items
  • Install rails and use anti slip tape
  • Use efficient locking systems for better performance

Connectivity Problems and order management

There is a software that allows complete traceability throughout the supply chain process. If you rely on manual processes it can lead to various connectivity issues. When there is loss of control over inventory with regards to the supply chain continuity, it can create serious problems for everyone. The warehouse management software uses tools that can maximize the process and use transparency that can overcome any traceability issue.

There is a great deal of problem when it comes to order management. If one process fails then the entire workflow comes to a complete standstill. Steps must be conducted again from the beginning that chisels away the profitability. Through an order management system (OMS), you can easily keep the orders running smoothly by optimizing and fulfilling the process. For warehouse managers time is of utmost importance. 

Order management system involves a 3PL system where less errors occur. The process of order management starts the moment you receive the order. From picking, packing to shipping the order is complete when it reaches the end consumer. 

It is important to understand that automation is key. There are plenty of warehouse owners who believe that automation can help operate expenses. They must also understand that Reprocessing, reworking and extra operations is carried out from over production and shortage that cost the time and money. It is imperative to curtail expenses and when you increase automation it not only lowers the cost but also affects the labor expense so that a lot of time is saved in managing the budget. 

We hope this guide to three major faults in the warehouse management system will truly help you achieve better results. A warehouse management system not only helps oversee more orders but also helps manage the workflow in the most efficient manner.


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