Shipping Strategies for High-Value Cargo

Shipping Strategies for High-Value Cargo

When you decide to ship anything globally, then it is a must for you to take the required precautions. It is very important to make sure of the fact that your shipment has arrived safely and on time. However, if we talk about high-value cargo, things can be a little more twisted and complicated. The more delicate and expensive your shipment will be, the more you have to be careful while delivering it across the globe. With heavy and expensive shipments, you have to face more risks along the way. In this blog, we will guide you about the strategies you can curate to safely ship your high-value cargo.

The items that need careful handling and about which we will be discussing in this blog includes,

  • Art
  • Expensive Jewelry
  • Electronics
  • Luxury clothing
  • Medicines
  • Alcohol
  • High-end food

It does not matter what strategies you apply for the shipping because at the end of the day your goal stays the same which is the safety of the items. The basic and the simplest strategy should be based on the safety and protection of your shipment. Protection of the shipment means that you have to make sure that your item does not get stolen, damaged, or lost till it reaches its destination.

Let’s assume if you are shipping something from Delhi to Abu Dhabi, instead of looking for the fastest and cheapest way of shipping, you search for the safest and the most protective way of doing it. You need to look for a better route and curate a safe plan which ensures the protection and security of your shipment at every stage of the procedure.

Now let’s have a look over the main issues that are faced during international shipping and how can you resolve them.

Cargo theft:

Most popular logistic companies do not really face any problems while shipping their high-end products. They have enough former experience so they already take all the necessary precautions. But still, theft is a major risk that is very hard to combat along with the shipping journey. If you are sending something urgently then you definitely have to collaborate with a company you do not have any prior experience with. You would never know how reliable they are and this opens the door for advanced theft.

Professional thieves:

Professional thieves are not amateurs in any way. They are fully aware of all the shipping procedures. Also, they know the means of transport of expensive items. They are masters at trapping people and making them believe that their credentials belong to them. By chance, if their plan of fraud does not go accordingly then they try to hijack them. Numerous countries have reported about the developing criminal pattern which is why you have to curate smarter shipping strategies to ditch such professional thieves and keep your shipment safe. You have to do this through very careful planning, research about problem areas, and omit down all the possible risks. Sort out the areas where you think your shipment is the most vulnerable and unsafe, and use innovative strategies and plans to make it more secure there. The professional thieves will always know what you are up to so you need to stay one step ahead of them at every point.

Quick speed:

The most essential strategy for high-value cargo is quick and efficient transport. The quicker your shipment will be, the lesser the opportunities will be there for professional thieves to attack your shipment. You need to be careful about the right and accurate timings. By focusing on the timings you can assure that your shipment has reached its destination safe and secure. If you are hiring multimodal means of transport, then be in contact with those people who are sailing the ship and loading the shipment into the trucks. Tell them to report you on an urgent basis if something wrong happens along the way. This is definitely not an easier process. It requires a lot of expertise and effort but by planning various strategies you can ensure safe transportation of your shipment from one country to another.

Gradually build your trust and confidence:

Things can go a little wrong when you are working with a new company. The company might be a little less in expertise and experience but that comes with time and by working. To avoid such issues, try making a list of extended business relationships. It will be better for you and your shipment if you will be keenly involved and informed about every step of your shipment process. This requires a bundle of work because building trust and confidence is not a piece of cake. You will have to take care of the employees’ work frequently and have to educate them about all the possible security issues. You also have to teach them how to overcome such security problems if ever encountered. Moreover, it is your responsibility to teach them about different languages and infrastructure that is new to them. It is a long process but be patient because gradually you will gain the trust and build confidence with your partner company and respective employees.

Security measures:

The most important security measure is to choose your shipment carrier wisely. Choose the ones you can trust fully and give them specific parking instructions and strictly advise them to stick to it no matter what. Introduce GPS trackers to your shipment and also utilize survey and inspection services. Try to curate the documentation as generic and simple as possible and make the cargo look like it isn’t worth stealing after all. The sensitive information about the shipment should stay within the limits of your company. This is how you can ensure the complete safety of your high-value cargo.


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