Sarah – LTSC Bio

Sarah boasts recognition as one of the Top Women in Supply Chain, 10 Most Admired Women in Business to Follow and Most Influential Leader in Supply Chain 2022

Through her passion for collaboration, transparency, diversity – and doing better, more sustainable business, Sarah is the first ever podcaster to franchise. With a franchise in Asiapac and now setting her sights on Africa, Europe and South America she is taking the Let’s Talk Supply Chain Brand global!

From thought-provoking questions, company deep dives to lively discussions and the celebration of real people’s industry success, Let’s Talk Supply Chain has been in front of brands like Dell, Lowes, and Netflix. LTSC has worked with the biggest names in supply chain like E2Open, S&P Global, Lora Cecere, Fourkites, and!

Sarah also founded Women in Supply Chain

One podcast simply isn’t enough! Sarah also founded Women in Supply Chain which brings a breath of fresh air to logistics by highlighting the journeys and advice from women leaders and has furthered her passion for diversity and inclusion by founding Blended podcast to bring tough topics into the limelight, in order to create real change. With a panel of raw, honest and diverse voices, they share perspectives to truly learn from one another.   

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