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Refund Policy

Refund Policy Overview

  • Secure Payment Gateway: We ensure a secure and easy-to-use payment gateway for seamless transactions.
  • Non-refundable Services: Given the nature of our services falling within the services industry, we don’t offer returns on services.
  • Refund Request Period: Refunds and cancellations are possible if requested within 5 days of payment.

Refund and Cancellation Terms

  1. Cancellation Conditions:
    No refunds for cancellations post-registration and payment, except for specific cases like factual errors or duplicate payments causing significant loss.
  2.  Non-refundable Items:
    No refunds for study materials, lectures, and portal activation charges.
  3. Refund Eligibility:
    Refunds are only granted within 5-7 days of the transaction, subject to our discretion.
  4. Refund Process:
    Refunds would only be credited back to the original payment account.
  5. Verification Process:
    Thorough account holder verification would be required before processing refunds.
  6. Refund Method:
    Refunds would be made via an online payment method.
  7. Excluded Charges:
    Additional charges like transaction fees are non-refundable.
  8. Interest on Refunds:
    No interest would be paid on refunds.
  9. Communication Responsibility:
    Customer is responsible for providing accurate contact details to receive communications.
  10. Promotional Campaigns:
    No refunds for registrations during promotional campaigns.
  11. Documentation Required:
    Valid documentation, including an invoice, is necessary for claiming a refund.
  12. Data Security Disclaimer:
    While we strive for a secure payment gateway, we can’t guarantee protection against unauthorized data use.
  13. Liability Disclaimer:
    We and our payment service provider are not liable for any damages due to payment process issues.
  14. Chargeback Policy:
    Charge backs are initiated if services aren’t provided after payment.Policy Updates and Contact

 Policy Updates:
1. We may update the policy without prior notice, so stay informed before registering for services.
2. Contact for Inquiries:
For any questions regarding refunds and cancellations, reach out to us at: training@logisticallyspeaking.online
Call us: +1 (912) 2160478



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