1 on 1 Mentorship with Hope White for Supply Chain 101 or Drayage 101


Ideal for new start-up logistics firms or experienced logistics/trucking entities looking to expand their services in Warehousing, Cross-Docking, Transloading, Drayage, Storage, Inventory Management and Training/Consultation Services.


  • Mentorship must be paid in full before services start (No Exceptions)
  • A Negative Covid test is required within 24 hours of arrival, also a signed waiver and contract.
  • Signed NDA and Non-Compete
  • Additional Participants $2500.00 per person



Please fill Mentorship Waitlist Application to apply for the Mentorship program

Fill Screening Form

Note: You can BUY NOW and PAY LATER with Affirm

Package includes but not limited to:

Operational Structure (Office, Staffing, TMS/WMS/YMS, Accounting/Billing)


Networking/Brand Management

Rates/Negotiations/ Quoting


Container Storage

Freight Broker & Freight Forwarding


Custom Growth Strategy

Scheduled In -Office Shadow Metter, Georgia for 1 Week- 40 Hours)

Port Assist with HDAY Company Driver ( Show you around the GPA Terminal)

Understanding the SSL

Unlimited Email/Video Calls with Hope per calendar availability

Asset Management (Driver/Trucks)

Customer Procurement/Engagement

Certifications (If Requested)

Timeframe: 6- 12 Months if additional time is needed at the end of the time period we will assess at that time.

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