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International Dropshipping Guide for Beginners

International Dropshipping Guide for Beginners

Dropshipping can be the easiest route to your entrepreneurial journey. It’s a business structure where you can sell products online, and your supplier will ship the product from their warehouse to the buyer’s house directly.

It’s one of the simplest ways to start a business without needing a physical location or inventory. With this model, the manufacturer or wholesaler will handle the hassle of packaging, storing, and shipping while you can focus on selling the products.

Also, it doesn’t take huge investments, and the steps to start are pretty simple. 

Sounds good? Let’s dive into how to start your international dropshipping as a beginner. 

How to Start an International Dropshipping Business

International dropshipping business doesn’t require huge investments and spaces. It needs a clear approach and crucial steps to create a successful dropshipping business.

The following steps will help your international dropshipping business grow:

  1. Understand Your Target Audience

The first thing you must consider before starting this business is finding your target audience. It’s important to do your research about customer preferences and buying behaviour. 

You must also know which type of customers you’re aiming for. This would assist you in product selection, and you can target large groups. 

Choosing your country carefully is also important as some products are in high demand in some countries and may be in less demand in others. 

So, leverage your research and dropshipping tools to understand your desired audience.

  1. Choose Your Products

Once you’ve understood your target audience, choose which types of products they prefer. Read up on reviews and sales history. Find where the large volume is. List down niches and conduct market research to discover opportunities. 

Check out best-selling products and products that have the best reviews. Gather all this to figure out which products you can sell easily to your customers. 

Tools like Ecomhunt and Niche Scrapper can be helpful while choosing products.

  1. Find Your Dropshipping Partners

It’s one of the most important steps in the international dropshipping business. You must have reliable partners who can provide you with products safely and whenever needed. You can find your partners both through physical stores and online platforms. 

Search for these partners on Google for physical stores and visit them personally to inquire about details. Tell them your business model and how you can create a win-win situation. However, they may not always have sufficient quantity.

For online partners, websites like AliExpress, CJ Dropshipping, and Saleshoo have thousands of vendors with a track record of fulfilling orders. 

Ensure that vendors provide tracking codes and share every information with you. This would save you from trouble. If any issues arise, you can sort them more effectively. 

  1. Platforms to Sell On

Determine where you can sell a good volume of your products. Shopify, BigCommerce, and Amazon are some of the best platforms to sell your products. 

These platforms have their own features and pricing. So, consider the one that aligns with your objectives.

It’s worth mentioning that platforms alone cannot cut it. You have to have a great visual identity. Invest in graphics and aesthetics to make it appealing to your target audience.

Ensure your logo grabs attention, and your fonts, visuals, and web content motivate your desired audience. People should be able to identify your brand, so pick things that make it more relevant.

  1. Market Your Business Extensively

Dropshipping doesn’t require huge costs to start. However, marketing is where you need to burn some cash to attract potential customers. 

There are lots of ways you can market extensively. Use content marketing and user-generated content to showcase your products. Utilize your social platforms to drive traffic to your online store. Invest in pay-per-click advertisement and SEO to drive more customers. 

Remember that marketing can be your gateway to grow your business, so make the most of it.

  1. Keep an Eye on Customer Feedback

We highly recommend that you give huge attention to your customer feedback. Understand about their purchase decisions and what has driven them to you. Understand what they want. Keep an eye on their product reviews and ratings. 

This would allow you to tailor your strategies and constantly provide a top-notch service.

Remember, exceptional customer service is also a marketing strategy. It would lead to more repeated purchases and referrals. So keep the flywheel moving.

  1. Repeat

Check everything as you sell products to your desired audience and grow your business. Seek ways in which you can improve your products or services. 

Refine your strategies. Deliver the best service you can and expand into new markets.


If you’ve found this guide helpful and want to kick off your journey, ensure you have a roadmap in mind. List your financials, goals, terms, and conditions, and understand all the nitpicks. 

Remember that it is not always a win-win situation. It’s a low-investment business model, but it would require dedication and commitment. 

With the right approach, you can make it a success story. So, stay resilient, provide the utmost value to your audience, and turn your dreams into a reality. 

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