Increff Funding Event: the Company Raised $12 Billion

Increff Funding Event: the Company Raised $12 Billion

Up to $12 million raised in Increff funding for expanding business

Increff is a widely known and acclaimed supply chain firm based exclusively on E-commerce and lifestyle brands. Increff provides its services to famous retail and high-end fashion brands. This year an investment of 12 million US dollars was raised in Increff funding for a billion-dollar valuation of the company and was successful in raising the round. The funding round was attended by Mr. Binny Bansal, the co-founder and CEO of Flipkart. Premji Investors Company and TVS Capital 021 Funds also showed interest and participated in the fund-raising round at Increff.

Series- B funding:

Increff utilizes series- B funding and works as a software specialist to ensure the proper functioning of their offices in different states of the US and Midwest Europe. Increff also tries to add more new and raw products. Increff the series-B funding program showed keen participation from seven huge angel investors.

Progress of Increff in last five years:

Increff has made phenomenal progress of almost 90% to 95% in the last five years, including the Covid lockdown, but the company did not take a significant financial hit. Increff is a relatively large company with inbuilt internal and efficient processes to run the firm on a larger scale. The administration is now working to advance the company by investing in new technology and introducing innovative warehousing services. Increff also aims to open new firms in the United States and Europe.

SaaS-based merchandising solutions:

Increff offers SaaS-based merchandising solutions and addresses all kinds of warehousing issues. Increff is currently the mainstay of solutions for more than twenty retailers across the United States and some parts of Europe.

Support for next-generation entrepreneurs:

Increff is a company based on innovation and thus supports innovative ideas and tries to provide moral and financial support to the next generation of entrepreneurs. Increff is raising financial rounds with new entrepreneurs by investing in them. New entrepreneurs have great skills and intelligence because they know about the increasing growth and importance of e-commerce in global supply chains. New entrepreneurs can change the direction of the tide in the company’s favor by working with competitive brands and using the right technological solutions.

Statement of Sailesh Tulshan: 

Sailesh Tulshan, the founder of 021 Capital, said, “Our company has been partners with Increff for the last five years and has raised investment rounds with them quite frequently. Increff is doing well in transforming and improving merchandising and curating new solutions for global supply chains.”


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