Importance of Packaging for Ocean Freight Shipping.

Importance of Packaging for Ocean Freight Shipping.

Importance of Adequate Packaging in Ocean Freight Shipment 

There are some fundamental reasons as to why proper packaging is so important for ocean freight shipment. 

  • Not only does the good-quality packaging protect the cargo from any damage, it also reduces the chances of theft as a well-made packing would make it really hard to be concealed. 
  • Depending upon the nature of customs requirements, there are several methods to protect your shipment from water or humidity. You can either use a basic water-resistant lining or a sealed vacuum bag along with waterproof membrane. 
  • While transporting multiple items in a single shipment together would reduce the chances of anything being lost on the way, it may cause physical damage or breakage. Hence, packing all the material inside the crate before putting it together can ensure that every item remains in its place firmly. 

Damages that may occur in Ocean Freight Shipment 

The cargo may suffer physical damage or breakage in case subjected to poor handling or exposed to uncontrollable movement that may be caused by air turbulence. The damages may also be a result of poor stacking; it could be due to placing heavier craters on top of the lighter ones or because of incorrect securing method. Therefore, the more robust the packaging would be, the better protected the goods will be. 

Most of the products being shipped are vulnerable towards humidity or water due to which there is a chance of it being damaged before being delivered to its destination. One of the most common issues of ocean freight shipment is the cargo being left outside through its journey at some handling facility. Though, there are several ways through which you can protect your goods from being exposed depending upon the individual customs requirement. 

Labeling and Padding of the Cargo 

Workers at the dock or the airport may not be aware of what commodity is inside the cargo that they are loading or unloading. Hence, it is always important to add labels on all sides of the crate for visibility and specify how the cargo needs to be handled. Make sure to add labels like; “handle with care”, “do not double stack” etc. so that the workers know how exactly they are supposed to handle the pallets at hand. 

It is always important to consider where the ocean freight shipment will be going and on how many levels it will be in contact with people so as to calculate the risks and avoid them accordingly. Packaging is not merely about securing the pallet, one needs to think of all the possibilities to ensure that the freight is delivered safely.


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