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How to Transport Ice cream

How to Transport Ice cream

Wrap in Aluminum Foil

One of the biggest challenges is to keep the ice cream frozen when delivering it. No one likes to have liquid ice cream. If the ice cream melts and gets refrozen then the ice cream will become all icy and it won’t have the desired smoothness and consistency that you would expect from when consuming it. What if someone is living far away and you want to deliver the ice cream and keep it completely frozen until it reaches its final destination. With the right prep you can deliver the ice cream without it melting.

The first thing you would like to do is to wrap the ice cream in an aluminum foil. You can use the foil to make a lot of deliveries and make it as durable as possible as it has a layer of plastic. The aluminum is good at keeping the ice cream insulated. It doesn’t allow the cool air surrounding the ice cream to escape and it keeps the ice cream cool for quite a long time.

Even if you have to put the ice cream in a cooler or other container it will be a good idea to use aluminum foil to wrap up the ice cream first.  

Keep it in a Cooler

Using a cooler is one of the best ways in keeping the ice cream safe for long. Since you want to protect the ice cream from the warm air outside, an insulated cooler can help you achieve it. 

Hard coolers are better at insulating especially when you buy a high-quality cooler that keeps the ice for a long time. Soft coolers are more portable and allow you to carry the ice cream in the cooler directly from the car to the door of the person you are delivering it to. There are plenty of soft coolers for retaining ice as it can keep the ice cream frozen for a long time.

Let it be Away from Hot Food

It is quite possible that you will be delivering hot food and the ice cream in the same order. Stores would even pack it in the same delivery bag. If you want to deliver the ice cream and have it frozen then it is important to separate the cold food from the hot food. Don’t have ice cream and hot food in the same cooler.

You must keep the hot food separate from the cold food. Keep separate coolers for that so that the hot food doesn’t touch with the cold food. Otherwise, the heat from the hot food will melt the ice cream super quickly. The ice cream can cool down the hot food quite quickly.

Add Salt to the Ice Surrounding the Ice Cream

When you add salt to the ice, it lowers the temperature dramatically. When you add salt to the ice in your cooler you can keep the cooler much colder than if you had to use regular ice. Fill up your cooler up to 50% with loose ice. Add a generous amount of salt to the ice. You can also use rock salt. The ice will start to melt and at the same time it will drop the temperature and let it stay below freezing point until all the ice is melted. You can allow salted ice to stay anywhere from -7 degrees to -2 degrees. It is cold enough to keep the ice cream from melting for 24 to 48 hours when the ice cream is kept in a high-quality cooler. It is important to ensure that the ice cream is kept in a waterproof container otherwise the ice cream will get wet and it will end up being yucky.

Use Dry Ice More Often

One of the best ways to keep the ice cream from melting when delivering especially to long distances is to use dry ice. It is frozen carbon dioxide and has a temperature of -78 degrees. It is more than cold enough to keep the ice cream frozen. Dry ice lasts for 1-3 days for deliveries. 

When you deliver ice cream using dry ice make sure to keep the windows open and let the air flow in your car or else the carbon dioxide the dry ice lets off can asphyxiate you. This can cause death. However, it is easy to avoid as long as you have good air flow in your cubicle.

Take Ice Cream Out of the Freezer

The less time the ice cream is away from the freezer it takes less time to melt. When you organize the delivery make sure to take out the ice cream from the freezer at the very last minute.

Don’t allow it to sit on the bench for 20 minutes or longer while other items are being prepared. Leave it in the freezer and only when everything is ready let it be out and take it for a delivery run. When you make this small adjustment, it makes all the difference in the world in delivering soft mushy ice cream against nice frozen ice cream.

Ideally the faster you can deliver the ice cream the better it is as it gives less time to warm up and melt before the person can either eat it or put it in the freezer. These tips above can help you keep the ice cream frozen for a longer period of time. 

So don’t waste time and deliver your ice cream in the best way possible!

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