How To Organize Transportation Of Furniture

How To Organize Transportation Of Furniture

Moving out isn’t something new. Everyone shifts from one place to another periodically. However, there are fewer people who move between cities and even fewer who shift to different countries – with the SAME furniture. 

Let’s admit it; not everyone will have enough budget to start an entirely new life in a different state or a country. Sometimes, people have unprecedented emotional attachment with their furniture. Moreover, some people love collecting antique pieces and furniture from different parts of the world. All of this requires superior moving, because what good is furniture that you can’t shift in one-piece?

packing tips for moving
packing tips for moving

Packing Tips For Moving Everyone Should Know:

To ensure that the transportation of your furniture is done right, you need to pack it up the right way. So here are some packing tips for moving that you need to know;

  1. List Out The Options:

Before you start packing anything, you need to have all your options sorted out. This means that you know all the ways available to transport the furniture and other antique stuff that you are transferring. A popular, safer option nowadays, is freight transportation. We have noticed a high rise in the trucking industry over the years. As trucks get more reliable, people are finding them a cheaper alternative for shipments they used to send via ships.

Before you finalize on one company, ensure that you have their shipping insurance. While losses during transportation through a competent service is a rare sight, the possibility of an uncontrollable incident is still there.

  1. Disassemble Your Furniture:

The first thing you will learn from all moving out tips booklets is disassembling your furniture. However, many fail to tell you that this process might be harder than it sounds. Disassembling requires careful attention towards every corner of your furniture. You need to disassemble certain parts before doing so with others. So, if you aren’t skilled enough to do it, ensure calling in experts for the job. An expert knows the right equipment to use with different types of furniture and also knows how to distribute weight in such a way that loading the furniture doesn’t get hard.

  1. Make It Customs-Friendly:

When transporting overseas, you must take into account local customs restrictions and go out of your way to offer as much information as possible on any paperwork. The last thing you would want is your furniture to arrive in good condition only to be damaged during customs assessment. A good transportation company could help you through this process. 

  1. Use The Right Material:

One of the most significant moving out tips include using the right material. For example, you can choose between bubble wrap, and paper wrap for different products. As cliche as this may sound, don’t apply any tape on your furniture directly. Yes, people still make such mistakes! 

Similarly, some products require cardboard boxes for good packaging. On the other hand, bigger components might be transported in a non-packaging way. Again, your transportation company will walk you through a list of do’s and don’ts in this regard.

Many companies tend to load their trucks in various ways. However, one common way is to load all the stuff closely with each other to ensure zero movements and hence zero damage. Yet this varies from furniture to furniture. It is best that you have a detailed conversation about the whole shifting process with your transportation company before the shifting day.

  1. Organize Everything:

Lastly, before letting the furniture load onto the trucks, ensure that you have properly organized everything. This includes keeping a check on what furniture did you put and in which box. You should perform proper labeling. This would also help you in ensuring that all the furniture has been picked and transported in one-piece. Moreover, when the furniture reaches your new home, it would be much less of a hassle to set it up there as all things would be unpacked in the right order.


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