Cybersecurity risks of the RUSSIA-UKRAINE crisis

Cybersecurity risks of the RUSSIA-UKRAINE crisis

In today’s global age, the knowledge and awareness of technology, its advancements, variations,
pros, and cons, is a requirement. IT has changed the world’s landscape; it brought a lot of good
to the world, but at the same time, it has also attracted negativity in the form of cybercrime,
evolving the phenomenon of cybersecurity risks.
Protecting your online assets is not as easy as you think, it takes a lot of skill, time, knowledge,
and wit to encounter a cyberattack. Countries are now paying special attention to their social
media cells and ensuring that their confidential data doesn’t fall in the wrong hands, because if
you’re in a state of war, then a little mishap can prove to be catastrophic!

What exactly is cybercrime?
There are multiple kinds of attacks or scams that could fall into the category of cybercrime, but
there are still some disagreements regarding the actual definition of cybercrime. According to an
agency named CAPI, a cyberattack is an attack that affects the crucial infrastructure, valuable
information, secret documents, creates economic disruption, or any other technique used as a
part of hybrid warfare. Spying is also an area where cybercrime is considered valuable. Tasks
such as stealing surveillance footage and tape from central as well as national buildings are a
huge concern for cybersecurity officials.

What could happen?
So, the tensions are once again, quite high between Russia and Ukraine, and anything could
happen at any given time! But for some reason, we only seem to focus on the military assets and
manpower of each country, but ever since their encounter in 2014, social media, digital media,
and the internet, in general, have played a vital role on many occasions. Wars are won off of
communication, and if either country could get a hang of the network, or a loophole, they can
exploit it for their advantage. Instances such as “NotPetya-hacking” are proof of impactful
hacking, In his particular case, a Russian hacker caused a well-renowned software company
billions of dollars worth of damage, and got away with zero repercussions.
Ever since the tensions rose between Ukraine and Russia, the number of Russian scams has
seemed to be notably higher than usual. As the west starts to impose bans on Russian trade on
the verge of war, Ukraine as well as the USA, both are anticipating back-to-back cyberattacks
from Russia.

Who’s the target?
The main target of these attacks will most likely be huge corporations that affect the country’s
economy, official government websites, confidential sites as well as data centers of both, the
USA and Ukraine. Companies need to strengthen their cybersecurity and evaluate their

roadmaps. As the situation gets tenser, the companies that are connected to Ukraine in any way,
shape, or form are getting worried about being attacked by the Russian hackers or teams.
This instability creates an enormous setback in the economy of both countries, even companies
or people that are not directly involved but somehow related to Ukraine are at a brink of great
risk. In this modern-day, where all the military equipment is also working on automation and
networking, the threat of cyberattack can really shake some trees.

Russia-Ukraine face-off can cause a great deal of trouble around the globe, As Russia and
Ukraine have already lost over 11,000 soldiers, since their 2014 war. This war will create
instability across the globe, the new cybercrime wave will cause a lot of damage to the
companies, and it’ll leave a long-lasting impact on the international market. And such impact; that
it may never be recovered to the fullest and back to its original heights.


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