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Corporate Sustainability: How to Maintain and Improve It

Having a stable job and job security when the economy is in bad shape is a blessing, especially one that is rewarding, both financially and in praise. In such situations, it may seem like it isn’t necessary to worry about whether your employees are happy. However, if you want your employees to perform sustainably, know that happy employees produce more than unhappy ones. They love their job; hence their chances of quitting are less, and they influence others to be committed to their job, too. Corporate sustainability does not only represent initiatives that require finances, time, and human capacity. Nor does it only create a sustainable strategy, but, it impacts measures and leads towards innovations. 

Large or small, every company makes a difference, which starts from one step. Here are some pointers to emphasize that can help in overcoming low sustainability.

Create a Sustainable Team

If you are unable to create a sustainable department, create a sustainability team. It will enable more minds to focus on and tackle problems. Moreover, come up with solutions that are innovative for the company.

A good sustainability team creates a stronger and more sustainable identity for the company. It is possible that the people in your company would want to make a positive impact, so ask them if they are interested in creating a sustainable team.

Other than that, you should also make sure that the people in your team are from different departments and can meet up monthly. A sustainability team can engage the employees, create awareness, and increase the overall performance of the company.

Paperless Business Cards

100 million cards are printed every year across the globe. Out of these millions of cards, more than 80 percent are thrown away. Using digital cards can combat this problem. Moreover, there are many other alternatives in the market that can be investigated as well.

Sustainable Competence and Knowledge

Sustainability covers every aspect of a business, for example, energy consumption and gain. It is important that employees know what sustainability is to create a system that integrates it. Most sustainability initiatives require expertise and knowledge, such as knowing how to talk to employees and eco-friendly tools for product evaluation.

Eliminate All Personal Office Bins 

Most of the things that are thrown away can be recycled and waste can be reduced. According to the stats, when office bins are removed from under the employee’s desks, the amount of waste is recycled significantly.

It is human nature to use what is convenient. So, when an employee has a waste bin under his desk, he will never walk to the recycle bin. One great example is Curaprox, which is a Swiss company that took the initiative of offices without bins. The amount of waste decreased by fifty percent after this initiative. In addition, general waste decreased by seventy-five percent and sorted waste increased by twenty-five percent.

Productivity and Purpose

Our aim should be towards sustainability because that is better in every way. A company should have a strategic and meaningful approach. They should be able to tie their purpose to their values. 

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