Logistically Speaking Learning Center


Hope White Consulting offers a range of facilitated Consultations that provide invaluable Supply Chain and Logistics Knowledge and Training across a broad range of topics. Your one -on- one consultation can be booked as a video conference or 15-minute phone call, your choice. Upon booking your consultation you will receive a calendar confirmation and link for your schedule consultation within 2-hours. If you have any schedule changes and need to adjust or reschedule your consult, please advise within 2 hours of your appointment.
All missed appointments without proper notification within the 2 hours are non-refundable.
Email training@logisticallyspeaking.online for all consult inquiries and concerns.

1 Hour Recorded

Consultation Service
1 HOUR(Non-Recorded)

Consultation Service

(Previous Students Recorded)

(Previous Students Only)

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