Best Paying Trucking Companies In the USA

Best Paying Trucking Companies In the USA

If you’re like most drivers, one of your main worries when changing trucking firms is how much money you’ll make. You most likely have a family to support, as well as bills to pay both at home and on the road.

Not only do you want to ensure that your new driving job pays you enough to meet your expenditures, but you also want to ensure that it compensates you enough for all of the labor you perform. You work hard and deserve to be adequately compensated for it.

You may discover a firm whose routes, equipment, home time, and culture you enjoy, but if they aren’t compensating you for all of your efforts, you may be dissatisfied in the long term. Are you being forced to tarp or deliver to many locations without being compensated?

You will also be dissatisfied with a firm that does not pay you what they promised when they hired you.

Best Paying Trucking Companies

These firms were picked not just because they pay well, but also because you won’t have to work yourself to death at these companies to make a good living.

I’ve compiled a diverse list, so this isn’t simply a list of the best-paying flatbed firms or heavy haul companies. There are firms that provide the best pay for flatbed drivers, reefer drivers, and other types of drivers, so there is something for everyone. 

Bennett Motor Express

Bennett Motor Express is one of the industry’s leading specialized carriers. They transport a wide range of specialty cargoes, enormous loads, and heavy haul loads. They also transport cargo for the Department of Defence (DOD). The Department of Defence pays generously, but drivers must first pass a thorough background check in order to receive security clearance.

Bennett has a high entrance hurdle, but once drivers are employed, they tend to stay. Bennett’s retention rate has increased as a result. 

Bennett does not disclose how much they pay its drivers, but they are a well-known firm that offers excellent compensation. Bennett drivers claim a weekly compensation of $5,000. 

Mercer Transportation

Mercer Transportation, like Bennett, transports a lot of specialized goods. They also transport cargo for the Department of Defence. Both of these categories of freight raise truck drivers’ pay. 

Mercer, on the other hand, only deals with sole proprietors. They don’t post their wages online, but most drivers say they make well over six figures. 

Drivers are compensated within hours of Mercer receiving the finalized load documentation. Drivers are said to earn an average of $64,000 per year. 

Sysco Foods

Sysco Foods is a privately held company. Private fleets sometimes compensate their drivers very well because they are just transporting their own merchandise and have lower overhead expenses than other trucking businesses. They established their own freight routes and distribution systems. Their initial goal is to deliver their goods to their final destination, and then they concentrate on profit.

Trucking positions in private fleets are among the most sought-after in the business because of their high compensation. Local routes are provided from coast to coast. An average Sysco driver earns roughly $80,000 per year.


Walmart drivers are part of one of the world’s largest and safest fleets. They have stringent recruiting criteria, which helps them preserve their stellar safety record.

They are well-known as a private fleet for paying its drivers well and for compensating them for all of their time. For example, if you must spend the night in the vehicle for your Department of Transportation (DOT) 10-hour break, you will be rewarded. They also give out safe driving bonuses on a quarterly basis.

They provide a wide range of driving opportunities, including hourly roles, regional routes, and over-the-road (OTR) jobs. 

At Walmart, tenure is highly valued; in fact, their turnover rates are among the lowest in the business. Retirement is the most common cause for drivers to depart. 

Longer drivers are rewarded with more pay and better hours. A driver who has worked with the firm for 20 years, for example, may earn up to $150,000 while merely working nine to five Monday through Friday. As a result, it might be challenging for a novice driver, but sticking around is usually worthwhile. Drivers at Walmart may earn up to $110,000 in their first year.


UPS compensates its drivers based on their length of service. They also feature a number of different driving positions. Truck drivers with a CDL can transport freight in a tractor-trailer, but UPS also hires package delivery drivers and personal car drivers. 

UPS is well-known for having a safe fleet of drivers and offering a wide range of freight choices. 

It may take some time for drivers to advance to a high-paying job, but after a few years, you’ll more than certainly earn more than other truck drivers around the country. As with many of the firms on our list, the longer you work there, the more money you make and the simpler the job becomes.

Tractor-trailer drivers start at $35 per hour.

Dupre Logistics 

Dupre Logistics is a pay leader in the business. They dominate the business by transporting hazardous goods in tankers.

Chemical tanker hauling is one of the highest-paying career sectors for truck drivers. Starting salaries for chemical tank drivers can range from $93,000 to well over six figures. They also provide hefty sign-up bonuses of up to $10,000. Being a chemical tanker driver is a difficult job that necessitates certain credentials, thus the money is well-earned.

They have local and regional routes to ensure that drivers reach home on time. Truck drivers at Dupre Logistics make an average of $96,000 per year.

Marten Transport

Marten Transport specializes in reefer transport. They are not only a top-pay-certified carrier, but it was also one of the first to implement guaranteed pay. And their guaranteed income isn’t just for a month or two; it’s for the lifetime of your employment. 

They have a variety of opportunities available for drivers, including regional, dedicated, and OTR routes. Because of their competitive compensation and benefits for drivers, they have one of the lowest turnover rates in the business. Drivers usually stay with the firm until they retire.

For new drivers, a guaranteed minimum weekly payment of at least $70,000 per year is available. They pay less per mile than some of the other firms on our list, but their extraordinarily high accessorial income compensates for it.


All of the firms on this list pay well and have high retention rates. When drivers quit these organizations, it’s typically not because of salary, but because of something else, such as culture or not living in a good enough location to allow for regular home time. 

Pay is always changing, so talk to recruiters at each of these firms to get a clear idea of what you may anticipate making. 

Discuss the driving possibilities at each organization and make sure they match your desires and demands. Make sure you’re selecting a firm not just for the pay, but also because they provide what you’re seeking.


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