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Benefits of HR-V Cargo Space Service

Here is how you can find out that there are plenty of advantages the Honda HR V has over Hyundai. When you travel in an SUV with your family, there is a lot of room with many features. The HR V may be right for you but you must learn more about it before you reach a decision.

Plenty of Passenger and Cargo Space

One of the biggest advantages of using passenger and cargo space service is that it has plenty of room for five passengers as it is shown in these interior dimensions. The front head room is of five inches while the legroom is of 41 inches. There is also rear headroom that is only three inches long and the legroom is of 39 inches. You can get cargo space with more than twenty cubic feet just behind the rear seats and there is approximately more than fifty cubic feet space when the seats are folded down.

Folding the seats down can give you more storage space. This means you can transport everything in one single trip. You can take advantage of different configurations to fit all your items in the SUV. There is utility mode, long mode and tall mode. Through the utility mode, the rear seats get completely flat so that there is a lot of cargo room. In the long mode, you can fold down the passenger side front and rear seat so that it becomes around eight feet long. In the tall mode, you can fold the bottom of the rear seat up so that you get ample four feet of vertical cargo space.

Reliable Performance

The HR V comes with a 1.8 L cylinder engine which delivers around 141 horse power. As the two-wheel drive model gets equipped with a variable transmission. Because of reliable performance, there is a real time AWD with intelligent control system that will transfer power to the rear wheels so that they can sense that the front wheels lose traction. You can also focus on driving as the system works for you to keep you in control on roads that are less than ideal.

Advanced Technology

HR V offers more of a command center with a driver’s cockpit design and functionality. The look of Honda HR V is not only appealing but it has a lot of curb appeal. There is a tall cabin and it means there is more space for you and your lifestyle. When you are behind the wheel of an HR V, you feel confident and bold. 

The Honda HR V offers high tech features. It comes with a five-inch color screen, a four-speaker sound system and Bluetooth technology so that they can make hands free phone calls. It also comes with a seven-inch display audio stream with a high-resolution touch screen and a sound system. You can also connect to your mobile device so that it cannot only stream music but also helps you access social media and get service appointments. The HR V comes with safety features. There is anti-lock braking system, multi angle rear view camera with guidelines, and a tire pressure monitoring system.

The information given here is one of the reasons why Honda HR V has become such a great SUV family. It is not only ideal for a long family trip, but it also allows you to spend some time taking your kids to school and enjoy more sports games. They can spend less time stopping at the gas station to refuel. It is one of the reasons why people who travel through Honda SUV enjoy a comfortable trip. They take benefit from the advanced technologies. The use of cargo space and extra passenger space allows people to choose this particular SUV. When you signal towards the right, a small camera on the passenger side mirror shows a live video feed of the roadway on the display screen. All these latest technologies and advancements make the Honda HR V one of the greatest cars that any family would dream to have.

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