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The three stages of Global Supply Chain

What is global supply chain?
The global supply chain is a global network with services of supplying goods. In other words, this supply chain is spread worldwide for delivering their services in different countries almost all around the globe.

Local vs global supply chain
The local supply chain serves different cities within the country. Local supply chains work locally in the shape of an organization. And different cities, states, and provinces are part of this organization-based supply chain. Global supply chains are working around the globe providing benefits of reducing labor costs. Here’s a detailed view of global supply chain benefits.

Why are supply chain management stages important?
There are both positive and negative aspects to supply chain management. However, it is important for business because it can make customers happy and increase ROI.
Happy customers = happy business = higher performance.
A survey was conducted in January 2018 by Tobin Moore. The main purpose of the survey was to understand how customers can become happy. When a customer wants to return something previously purchased, and the return process is handled successfully, the customer will buy something again in the future more than 70% of the time.
In other words, a smooth process means an effective supply chain. The stages of supply chain management help determine how to communicate with customers and how to get connected to them. If the stages of supply chain management perform well and meet the expectations of the customer, then the customer will be happy. A high order rate is determined by the stages of supply chain management and will have a positive effect on customers’ minds.

Higher performance = more cost efficiency = higher pressure?
In the supply chain, “higher performance” is defined as the efficiency with which all processes and people work together to transport goods and services from point A to point B. The stages of supply chain management will put pressure on the team, so the team will do their best because moving services from one place to another can reduce the cost of the product.
The profit of a business can be measured with the help of cash conversion performance and working capital turnover. When there are improvements in profit, cash management and revenue conversion are also affected. There is no benefit to reducing the cost until the high-quality products are discounted and faster delivery is implemented. You can also use a tool to measure the value of your deliveries.

Stages of global supply chain

The global supply chain is part of the worldwide supply of services and different goods. Most of the business that has optimal chain have 15% lower supply chain costs. Similarly, an excellent global supply chain is very effective for all the network and their participants. Another tremendous main benefit of this is better demand fluctuation and management of all the transportation processes.
1. Supply management
Supply management is a fundamental stage of the global supply chain. Similarly, supply management is the more effective stage, and a complete isn’t complete without fulfilling this part. This stage is built around internal MRP with supplier and tier is included in it. Most planned and all the vendor interaction through documentation. Seldom is also a part of status reporting. Communication is in this process is complete transactional, including all the other related activities.
2. Managing the supply chain
The second stage is related to increasing the scope of the two-tier supplier above. It also increases the curiosity of reporting the status and building interest around it. Similarly, this platform is used for sharing the data and information between different participants and is very complex for interrelationship.
3. Supply chain integration
Supply chain integration is a beneficial stage of global supply chain management. It provides benefits for all the members that are part of the worldwide supply chain. Similarly, this stage is elevated supply in a collaboration between all the chain members. And strategic planning and communication are part of this supply chain integration. The date includes all kinds of related information and goes well beyond.

You’ve to analyze all three stages of the global chain and notice how all participate deeply in a chain. Nothing is possible without the collaboration of all these steps. The global supply chain is a big failure without completing these three stages.